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Booster for Pivotal Tracker

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Introducing the app

Railsware company is proud to show you our brand new free product – Booster for Pivotal Tracker. The Booster is a simple and fast Mac OS X client for the popular service. Railsware put great efforts to make your work with Pivotal Tracker more comfortable and faster. Booster features allow you concentrate on all the stories you have, get all the information you need, be always up to date, and more. We have lots of ideas and features to implement in future releases and we need your active help to make our product even better. We’d appreciate any comment or feedback as your opinion is very important for us. Please feel free to share your thoughts! For sure you can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get more information and news. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or later. License information.

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Current version: 1.2.0

Available on the App Store

Feature List

New Story

There is no way faster to create a new story. You just need to click the “New Story” button or use shortcut ⌘+N. As a result, the editing form is open for you with pre-field controls ready for use.

“My Stories” on all the Projects

All your stories of all projects assigned to you are collected by PivotalBooster in one place and shown to you in the sorted list for better navigation.

Smart Filter

For a better performance you can filter all your stories by name, description, labels, current state, its type, and its ID.

Projects Filtering

Managing your multiple projects is now much more convenient with new filtering by projects feature and improvements brought to the smart filtering system. You can now easily switch between projects, and your filter will be applied to the stories list and all new stories will be created in the active project.

Switching Stories Mode

The new story mode indicator and switcher allows you to easily switch between available modes. If you are a product owner, it can be more important for you to see updates on the scope requested by you. With Booster it’s easy - just select “Requested by me” on the login form.

Stories Short Info

Short descriptions of all the stories that appear by a single click allow you to constantly track your current scope of work on all the projects.

Status Update

You can easily estimate a story or change its current state with the action buttons available for you on your Mac.

Fast ID

Putting IDs to commit messages is a good practice nowadays. With Booster you can easily operate with those IDs. It allows you to copy an ID by a single button click, or you can even copy that ID in the pivotal format [#StoryID] using the same button with the Option key pressed.

Updating Story Details

Now you have full control on the story content. Simply edit your story and press ⌘+S to save changes to the service.


Switch to the “Tasks” tab and all the tasks of a single story will be shown. You can add new task, edit or remove old items, as well as change the order of tasks in the list.


Switch to the “Comments” tab and all the comments of the story will be fetched and displayed for you. You can now easily add new or remove old comments.


Just drag and drop single or multiple files to the special area and attachments will be immediately stored on the service.

Short Stats

You can always see how many stories and story points there are in the icebox, current and done sections.

Auto Sync

Each 20 Minutes Booster automatically fetches the latest changes from the But if you need to sync right now, you can do it with a single button click or a key stroke.

GET ONE Current version: 1.2.0